About <span>Vanessa</span>

About Vanessa

Dr Vanessa Blair has over 20 years of experience providing care for patients with general surgical conditions including of the breast, bowel, gallbladder and skin.  Vanessa also fixes hernias and does gastroscopy and colonoscopy.   Vanessa’s particular areas of expertise are in breast and skin cancer surgery. She has a PhD in hereditary gastric and breast cancer, specifically related to a type of breast cancer called Lobular Breast Cancer. Vanessa has spoken nationally and internationally on hereditary breast cancer and most recently published in the Lancet Oncology (2020) on Hereditary Lobular Breast Cancer.  Vanessa strives to listen carefully, explain options clearly and with a shared-decision making ethos,  aims to provide the best surgical care possible. 


General Surgery

Hernia surgeryGallbladder Lipoma surgery and ‘Lumps and Bumps’


Breast Surgery

I have over 20 years of experience providing care and surgery for patients with breast conditions. This includes assessment, surgery and non-surgical care for: breast cancer eg.  Invasive carcinoma and in…


Skin Cancer Surgery

I have been providing operative and non-operative management for skin cancer including both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers (ie Squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer and merkel’s cell cancer) for…

My aim is:

1.To listen carefully to every patient’s concerns and provide high-quality individually tailored care.
2. To reach a diagnosis using evidenced-based investigation pathways.
Evidenced based diagnosis
3.To clearly communicate treatment options (if there is evidence to support more than one option) and guide patients as to the best treatment in their…
Communicate clearly
4. For patients with cancer, an individually tailored  ‘care-stream’ handout is provided which covers what to expect during investigation and treatment.
Care Stream